Lifespan hybrid aluminium composite beams give you the creative freedom to build more memorable outdoor architectural designs. These multipurpose beams have the functionality, resiliency, and beauty to make your project remarkable. Whether you choose to use Lifespan beams for pergolas, entryways, dramatic screening, or your own creative architectural vision, revel in the feeling of building something truly innovative.


Lifespan architectural beams offer design versatility, easier installation at height, decay, fade, and weather resistance, and increased span thanks to their specialised lightweight aluminium core coated in low-maintenance bamboo composite.


Lifespan beams add style and functionality in a diverse range of applications. Enjoy the shade and privacy of a pergola or screen, or enhance the appeal of your home exterior with beams that give the look of wood without the maintenance hassles. The versatility of Lifespan decorative architectural beams is matched only by their beauty. 


Lifespan has been designed to meet industrial norms. However, building codes and standards may differ between jurisdictions or countries. Be sure to consult your local building codes before installing Lifespan composite beams.

Lifespan Decorative Beam 100 x 30 mm

The 100 x 30 mm Lifespan decorative beam is the most popular size in the Lifespan range, ideal for creating striking and durable privacy screens, gates, or other attractive architectural features for your outside space. Enjoy the look of timber beams without the upkeep hassles or environmental toll.

Dimensions: 100 x 30 mm (5 800 mm lengths)
Weight: 1.31 kg/m

Lifespan Decorative Beam 150 x 50 mm

The 150 x 50 mm Lifespan decorative beam is the largest available in the Lifespan range and creates a stately aesthetic for your outdoor space, ideal for use as a truss, or oversized pergola beam or privacy screen.

Dimensions: 150 x 50 mm (5 800 mm lengths)
Weight: 3.30 kg/m

Lifespan Decorative Beam 150 x 35 mm

The 150 x 35 mm Lifespan decorative beam adds a sense of drama to your outdoor space with its uniquely broad but thin dimensions. Create a wide privacy screen or embrace the aesthetic of grand wooden beams when used for pergolas or other decorative outdoor architecture.

Dimensions: 150 x 50 mm (5 800 mm lengths)
Weight: 3.30 kg/m

Lifespan Decorative Beam 50 x 30 mm

The 50 x 30 mm Lifespan decorative beam enhances your outdoor space with the look of a traditional timber beam. This sized beam is a popular choice for creating durable, low-maintenance balusters or railing, but can also be used for designing gates, screening, pergolas, or other creative non-structural architectural highlights.

Dimensions: 50 x 30 mm (5 800 mm lengths)
Weight: 0.78 kg/m

Lifespan Post

The Lifespan post can be used in conjunction with other Lifespan beams or as a post within the Eva-Last RapidRail balustrade system. This low-maintenance, high performing post is most often used as durable vertical railing, but can also serve to create other showstopping outdoor accents, such as a pergola post when installed on a patio or screed. It is available in two sizes, 97 x 97 mm and 150 x 150 mm.

Dimensions: 97 x 97 mm (5 800 mm lengths) or 150 x 150 mm (5 800 mm lengths)
Weight: 4.63 kg/m

Lifespan End Caps

Colour matching end caps are available for Lifespan beams and posts and offer a finished look while protecting the hollow chambers of the Lifespan aluminium core.


The Eva-tech colour range offers classic and timeless natural colours in a matte finish to suit the look of your outdoor space. Each colour is specially designed to evoke the essence of a particular timber type, and each is presented in a neat, grooved finish that is both sleek and understated. The slip resistant surface provides an element of safety to accompany the handsome timber-like aesthetic.

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