The Protech product range has expanded in response to market demand for more; more high quality alternatives to timber that help make your home or commercial space uniquely you. Our original product line, composite decking, now includes several renowned brands that boast exceptional attention to detail which has made them successful around the globe and in every type of extreme weather Mother Nature can muster.

Inspired by the performance of our composite decking, we have launched composite cladding, composite railing, and composite beams for decorative architecture. To ensure that our industry-leading composite products have an equally impressive fastener, we also offer an extensive line of colour matching decking fasteners. In order to make your indoor space just as beautiful as your outdoors, we now produce cutting-edge luxury indoor flooring.

The Protech product offering continues to evolve, but what remains the same is our steadfast dedication to creating quality, eco-friendly products that make your life easier.

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