Aluminum Framed Bamboo Composite Fencing

The Evolver fence system allows for complete customisation by pairing optimised aluminium octagonal shaped posts and smart aluminium framing with environmentally friendly bamboo composite boards. The unique design of the posts lets you position your horizontal fence boards in multiple directions, and the smart framing streamlines/simplifies installation and provides slope correction. Choose from a range of beautiful natural-looking fence boards in capped Infinity bamboo composite or Eva-tech composite boards to complete this long-lasting, corrosion resistant, and low-maintenance fencing system.



Evolver Benefits


Customisable DIY Fencing

Evolver is extra customisable and can be installed with a variety of different looks, materials and functions. Each design is easily installed and has it’s own perimiter and style benefit


Composite Profile Options

Evolver fence has the options of Apex, Infinity or Eva-tech composite fence boards and is designed for easy installation. The bamboo composite boards are scratch resistant, stain resistant, UV/fade resistant, mould and insect resistant and offer complete weather resistance for reliable long-term performance.

Choose your angle

Unlike traditional posts the octagonal Evolver post allows for easy 45° transition, facilitating seamless transitions between odd angled yards and spaces.The additional four flat faces also allow for precision positioning of fence panels, which would often prove difficult with a round post.

Tri-volver Coated Aluminum

The Tri-Volver coating is a three step system and designed to prolong the life of the aluminium structural framework, making it the perfect accompaniment to the weather resistant Eva-Last boards.

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